The best compost for here is the compost from here.

Rogue Compost is made from southern Oregon’s finest leaves, grass clippings and plant matter — and now it’s yours, in bulk or by the bag.

Sustainable compost made right here in the Rogue Valley — perfect for your yard, garden or farm.

At Rogue Compost, we turn old leaves, grass clippings and plant matter from right here into nutritious, home-grown compost that works wonders in your flower beds, landscaping and garden. But sustainable local compost is only part of the story. Need a custom compost blend that includes coconut husk, peat or pumice? We’ve got you covered. Need your custom fertilizer blended into our basic soil mix? Can do. We even deliver. It’s never been easier to garden like a local.

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Yard Debris Comes Full Circle

From leaves and grass clippings to sustainable compost

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From Yard Debris to Sustainable Compost

It all starts with the leaves, grass clippings, woody materials and flowers found in yards and gardens throughout the area.

As lawns are mowed, shrubs are pruned, leaves are raked and gardens are weeded, these natural materials make their way to our curbside green-lid yard debris recycling carts.

Each week, the fleet of Rogue Disposal & Recycling yard debris trucks pick up yard debris at the curb, where it gets mixed with yard debris from homes across the Rogue Valley.

After the yard debris trucks dump their organic material loads, contaminants are removed and the material is shredded. Water is added for moisture and the material is formed into windrows.

For the next 12 to 18 months, the temperature is monitored, water is applied as needed and the windrows are periodically turned. Finished compost is screened a final time, then prepared for sale — in bags and in bulk — ready to help grow lawns, flowers and vegetables, starting the cycle over again.

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Pricing and Delivery & Pickup Options

You can purchase Rogue Compost at the Transfer Station in White City or have it delivered right to your door, throughout southern Oregon.

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Custom Blending Services

Looking for a customized compost with peat to hold moisture, pumice to help with drainage or even your own fertilizer mixed in? Get custom compost and soil blends to meet all your farm and garden needs.

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“We’ve been using Rogue Compost at our organic vegetable farm for the last 10 years. It’s one of the key elements in our potting mixes for our vegetable starts. I would recommend Rogue Compost whole heartedly."

Chris Jagger Blue Fox Farm Applegate, Oregon

Delivery & Pickup Options

Rogue Compost can be purchased at the Transfer Station in White City. We also deliver throughout southern Oregon and beyond.

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